Upload the perfect profile picture!

If you have already devoted your time and effort to uploading a great online dating presence with single Sikhs, you are already one of the few ready to take your love destiny into your own hands.

The most important part to your profile is your profile picture as the will be the first thing potential Sikh love matches will see!

Research shows you are over 50 times more likely to be contacted if the other Sikh match can see who it is they are talking to!

Think practically

With online dating with Single Sikhs, you only have a split second to capture another Sikh members attention - and photos are the best way to do that. So open that camera app, and get started on making the perfect first impression.

The first thing to think about is how other single Sikhs dating members will be viewing your photos - and with a third of British internet users turning to their phone first, that’s likely to be on a small screen.

“These days more and more people are looking at dating sites on smaller screens, so your photos have to work well on them,” Kate says. “Your main picture in particular should be a close-up shot of your face instead of one that’s too far away.”

Use photos to spark a conversation

As well as a head shot to show other users what you look like, Kate suggests uploading four photos - each serving a different purpose.

“One of the other images should show you engaged in an interesting activity; these are the photos that break the ice, spark a conversation, and keep it going for longer.

Choose quality over quantity

A variety of pictures is important, but be careful with your selection. Every photo counts.

It’s not necessarily a question of quantity over quality. If you have eight amazing photos but one bad one, people could easily move onto the next profile because of that one image that doesn’t look so good.

Be honest

“You might worry that fewer people will contact you, but the people who do are much more likely to want a first, second and third date.”

Don’t be afraid to go pro

If you’ve got a little extra money and time to invest in your profile picture, Get some taken professionally!

You might think it could look like you’re over-invested but we’re all so used to seeing sleek, professional photos elsewhere online now that they can actually seem less jarring than a hand-held photo to users.

That doesn’t mean you should shy away from your phone’s camera roll entirely though!

Think about who you’re trying to attract

Men and women respond better to different types of photos.

Colourful photos work really well and it’s really easy to add some colour into the background. If you’re having a headshot taken, just get a friend to hold up a red curtain behind you.

So now you know which images work best, start snapping photos and flicking through filters.