Sikh Relationships

Single SIkhs explains what a relationship means to us:

Most Sikhs find their love through the journey of life “we met at high school and have been together since.’ Although this is the perfect scenario, knowing your partner long before marriage, it’s not always the case. We understand it can be difficult finding that one special person amongst millions in this competitive and ever changing environment.

And of course, relationships mean different things to different people. A relationship can mean more to one person compared with others. However a relationship within Sikhism is about understanding, love, respect, companionship and so much more. 

Some believe in love at first sight, others leave it to fate and then there’s always the parents and aunties ready to match make. Many of us have to go through different experiences, good and bad, in order to find our Sikh soul mate and it is these experiences that prepare us for the long haul of a successful Sikh relationship.

Although dating before marriage is looked upon with many different opinions, overall it is become more widely accepted in the Sikh culture and today’s modern world. And why shouldn’t it? Dating is becoming a key element in modern society and having a successful long term relationship.

It all starts off from an e-mail, text, talking on the phone, being introduced at the Gurudwara, then comes the ‘honeymoon period’ a time full of excitement of being in a relationship with someone great with the intention of long term commitment. After this wonderful introduction the couple really start to get to know one another, all their good and bad habits. Whether it’s dating for a number of years or a long engagement, getting to know each other and developing in a relationship is what it’s all about. Knowing you both are really one!

A successful Sikh relationship brings so much happiness into our lives and the lives of our loved ones. Sikhs want the best for all our family and friends. Along with those romantic feelings, excitement and physical attraction, there’s a deeper spiritual and emotional connection. A romantic Sikh relationship can affect a number of aspects of our daily lives, the way we behave, the smile on our face and the faces of those around us, our health and well being (Sikhs say gaining weight in a relationship is a sign of happiness) and of course learning how to adapt and grow with that someone new and someone special in our life.

Just remember, someone, somewhere is made for you so don’t wait for fate to come to you, take your destiny into your hands and start searching with single Sikhs today and you could be one step closer to your other half and telling them those important words that “I love you”.