Sikh Culture

A buzzing and bustling lifestyle with plenty of culture!

If you’re looking for chic Sikhs, fantastic food, great fashion and an abundance of sophistication, there are few younger religions that have evolved so quickly. Let’s not forget the famous landmarks and a rich Sikh history infused within our Sikh heritage.

Sikhism has brought with it a dynamic and vibrant Punjabi culture and it is this Punjabi culture and tradition that all Sikhs are proud of and have in common.

Being one of the youngest traditions of the world, Sikh culture has consistently adapted and developed itself to this ever changing society.

“Have Sikh values and ethics been forgotten?” No! In fact Sikhs demonstrate they have able to keep up with this competitive and ever changing world whilst retaining their fundamental and spiritual values.

Every Sikh has there own way of life. Whether its career, lifestyle or social connections, and it is through there belief in God that strengthens their emotional and spiritual ties with world.

Punjabi dishes are a must in the Sikh culture! Raw ingredients are transformed into delicious delicacies through the skill and mastery of a Punjabi chief. The Punjabi cuisine is one of the most distinct around the globe. With people from all cultures enjoying the ghee on paranthe or the infamous  Saag and makki di roti. Now surely that must have tickled a few taste buds!

And when we talk about food, it is common knowledge the best way to a Sikh mans heart is through his stomach...

Sikhs have become infamous across the world for there extravagant weddings, music, dance, beautiful architecture, good careers and determination. Let’s not forget the Sikh wit, charm, loving nature and close family ties, with a sharp eye for fashion and lifestyle.

The Sikh culture is dynamic and diverse, exciting and enjoyable, modern and sophisticated and Sikhs around the world are able to enjoy their Sikh religion, traditions and of course there fantastic culture and rich heritage!