Our extensive guide to Sikh Dating

Finding the love of your life

When your looking for your soul mate, there may be times it's smart to give destiny a nudge.    

Let’s say you meet someone, sparks fly but your Sikh relationship just doesn’t take off. Conventional wisdom tells you to accept a harsh truth (“Their just not that into you”) and move on. But when you truly feel there was some chemistry between you, should you give up so easily? “In that case, no,” When it comes to guys, they may have felt a connection but just didn’t act upon it. That’s because men are just not as decisive as women when it comes to relationship issues.

If you really want to create that dating momentum and your first meeting failed to kick-start, there are a few tactics you may want to try. But be warned: “It’s very easy to get so caught up in wanting someone to like you and then your subtle strategies become desperate ploys,” Don’t worry Single Sikhs has some savvy ways of attracting and keeping your perfect Sikh partner.  

It’s all in the detail  

So if you like someone, why the hell can’t you just go ahead and ask them out? Here’s why: “Sometimes surprise contact is more likely to trigger the brain’s romantic-love circuit  

Basically it’s important for you to feel like your being chased. “The process of pursuing a new mate really drives excitement and energy,” “So when your meeting is spontaneous, there’s more room for you to get to know each other on your own terms.” So placing yourself in the correct path — rather than asking each other on a date — can be a more effective tack. Don’t forget: “Men expect to do the courting, so some women have to go out on a limb subtly to make it easier for them,”   

For Satty,* 29, Meeting Nav, her now fiance was a charm. “I first met Nav through a family friend, and there was definitely this crazy chemistry between us. I thought we had a great time together, so I was surprised when he didn’t contact me for a few days,” she recalls. “So I had our mutual friend organize another night out a few weeks later. Again we had fun together and he was even more flirtatious with me that time, but still there was no follow-through.”  

Faced with Nav’s lack of interest, no one would blame Satty for bowing out. But she had a gut feeling he felt it too. “So I thought, Okay, one more try. I wouldn’t normally have put myself out there like that, but he was worth the risk. So the next week, I planted myself in the café where I had learned he grabbed lunch and 'ran into him' there. Presto, as soon as we were alone, he asked me for another date.”

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